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Sore Male Organ Masterdating May Help

´╗┐Guys with a really sore male organ and need to give it a break may try masterdating instead. The sore male organ will feel better and the guy will have some serious "me time."

It's a situation which occurs more often than a man may want to admit: he has a really sore male organ but he's on a hot date with a woman who really is giving him the right signals. How can he sacrifice what may be a sensational night in bed merely for the sake of his male organ health? Yet the next morning, the ache in his member makes him wonder if the half hour of fun was really worth it. Besides, he loves going out on a date, and if it almost always ends up in bed what can he do about that? The answer is simple: he can try masterdating instead.

What is masterdating?

Masterdating has been around forever, but it only acquired this name in recent years. Simply put, masterdating is going on a date all alone. No partner, just a guy having a good time with himself.

But that doesn't mean just doing anything alone is masterdating. Deciding to run out and grab a slice at the corner pizzeria doesn't really count. For an activity to be masterdating, it should pretty much replicate the date experience just with one person.

Same activities

For example, a guy should still go through many of the activities he would if he were going out with a woman. He needs to take a good shower and give his body a thorough cleansing. Does he normally shave before a date? Do it for a masterdate as well. Apply cologne, snip those stray nose hairs, do what can be done to make that unibrow into two distinct eyebrows.

A man should take just as much care getting dressed as well. Don't just throw on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. Spend time going through the wardrobe option and choose one that looks good and makes a man feel the way he likes to feel, whether that's sensual, cultured, smart or reliable.

Select a restaurant that has some attraction and appeal, and don't end the self-date after dinner. Be sure to have picked out a movie or concert or other event that is a little special.

Afterward, at home, feel free to end the masterdating with a little self-pleasuring. It's here that the sore male organ may be quite thankful; since the man is in charge and in control, he can determine just how much pressure to put on the manhood and just how it can be handled so that it has a good time without getting all raw and painful.


Aside from making sure the sore male organ is treated the way it wants to be, what are the benefits of masterdating? First and foremost, it gives a guy plenty of alone time but not "sitting at home with a beer feeling sorry for himself" alone time. By making a real date out of it, it forces a man to treat himself well, to treat himself the way he wants to be treated. It turns being alone into a positive experience.

It also gives a guy lots of time to both relax and think. There's no pressure to keep up a steady stream of witty conversation. Instead, a man can concentrate on thinking about things that are of real importance to him, mulling them over and discussing them with himself.

And he can catch up on things he's wanted to do such as reading a book at dinner or listening to music that none of his friends are really into. That can be very revitalizing.

Guys may want to try masterdating even when their sore male organ is back in prime condition, just to reconnect with themselves. Of course, even when self-pleasuring, a guy may end up being a little too rough with himself so he needs to regularly use a superior male organ health crme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A sore male organ will welcome a crme that contains soothing moisturizing agents like Shea butter and vitamin E. And if the crme contains acetyl L-carnitine, even better. That ingredient is excellent for protecting against diminished manhood sensitivity from rough handling. Taking proper care of the member pays off in substantial ways!

Why is Grandparentage Testing Done

´╗┐There are several reasons why grandparentage DNA testing would be done. DNA testing is done to determine bloodlines on either parent's side.

Most people are familiar with paternal DNA testing, we have just to turn on the television and tune into shows like Gerry Springer to see the numerous women who claim that a certain man is the father of their child, while that man denies it. Springer orders the testing to find out if the baby belongs to the man or not.

However it is not widely known that grandparentage DNA testing can be done as well. There are several reasons why grandparentage DNA testing would be done. DNA testing is done to determine bloodlines on either parent's side. Grandparentage DNA testing is admissible in court to determine the biological lineage in question.

This type of DNA testing is often done because the male parentage is being questioned. The male in the situation may not be available for testing, a good example of that would be in the case of death. Perhaps the father is incarcerated, away in another country, or refuses to get the test done.

Sometimes the grandparents feel the need to have the testing done when they are uncertain that their son is truly the father of the child. They may feel the wife or girlfriend is manipulating their son in order to get child support. Grandparents can devise ways of obtaining DNA testing without first consulting the parents. When the child is visiting grandma and grandpa, it is very easy for them to take a cotton swab and obtain a DNA sample from the inside of the child's mouth and send it on to a DNA paternity testing laboratory. There is no law against grandparents obtaining DNA testing with or without parental consent. A DNA paternity testing laboratory will fill the request regardless of who asks for it or why.

Sometimes a long lost child will show up on the doorstep of the grandparents after the death of his or her parents. If the grandparents do not know this child they may ask for a DNA test. The same would hold true for any inheritance issues. If the child's legal parentage has not been established, the grandparents may not be willing to leave considerable amounts of money and assets to the child if he or she proves not to be a legal heir.

Grandparentage testing is used in immigration applications when the grandparents are in America and the grandchildren are still in their homeland. Legal DNA testing of this sort is also used in Social Security claims in America.

The grandparent testing must yield a result of higher than 1.00 to justify the likelihood that the grandchild is biologically related. The results of course would be easier to obtain when both grandparents are tested. It is very difficulty to determine the DNA compatibility with only one grandparent though both tests are offered. The biological testing of one grandparent cannot determine to any degree of accuracy the bloodlines with half the genetic information missing. This type of grandparentage DNA testing can only determine if that grandparent is not related.